Monday, February 20, 2006

One more Mema story

Mema likes to travel. At age 89, she is slowing down some now. Being a widow lady and the only survivor of four younger sisters, living alone in Louisiana until a couple of years ago, and not being able to drive have slowed her down even as well.

Well, she used to go a lot. By car with her former husband or by train using her RR employee spouse pass before she remarried [Mrs. Jim lost her father at age seven].

The story. While in California visiting cousins, she was offered a nighttime glass of beer. Mema said no thanks; she doesn’t drink beer and has never tasted it.

Well, it goes, how about just a little taste then? We always divide a beer before we go to bed, most every night.

Maybe just a little, as about three-fourths an inch was being poured.

Mema raised the glass to her mouth. At that exact time, the floor shook, the walls rattled, and things started falling. It was a California earthquake.

The beer didn’t get drank, then or ever since.

Big question: Did Mema join us for a champagne toast on her birthday yesterday?

[be sure to look at the Mema birthday pictures below]

Gee, I don't, probably not??
I believe she did have a taste. It was followed by one of those faces you get after drinking cough syrup. I don't think she like it very much.
I think she joined in...
I didn't see any pictures with it, but the one picture of her, Mrs. Jim, and Danny looks like she was at least thinking about it.
Great story. Yeah she took a taste - a very small one and announced she didn't care for it all.
That's cute.

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