Tuesday, February 07, 2006


What relative of mine is suffering from post traumatic stress?

No prizes for correct answer!

Hi Karen

The Blogger Devil is working on your comments. I can't comment either, 'Blogspot' leaves a message, saying "we are sorry but we cannot fulfill your request."

Oh, yes, Karen is not the relative with post traumatic stress.
So! I'm graciously I crawling out from hiding to answer you.

This posting stress is serious. I've written some more but drafted them. I get posting jitters now, second-guessing everyting I write.

I get commenting jitters, too, knowing that if I don't hurry, the whole comment will be erased when it comes time to send it.

And talk about endless editing!
It turns into a buncha work.

How has writing become so tortuos?
Er....are you deflecting attention from today's meager post?
Nice to see you are still 'Susie,' the one I know.
Yeah I tried posting on Karen's site too. No luck. Darn glitches.
Susie - how has writing become so tortuos?

Don't worry about what others think so much (in "blog-space" and everywhere else for that matter) and no need to edit/review/re-write/whatever.

Get a back-bone girl.
I think it is a great post!!! That Adi is just wonderful!!!
Thanks, Karen. She's my favorite dog. I'm not sure she knows she is a dog, just knows she is a very well treated animal.
I'm headed off to your blog to see if we can post now. There is a control at the 'more' link at the bottom that allows the owner to accept posts or not on the blog.
I'm going to try that to see ow it acts, but not tonight. I have been vacumning and picking up for Mom. She has some bridge here tomorrow.

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