Friday, February 17, 2006


Steve Martin, that is

After the dismal and disgusting Saturday Night Live performance [see
February 3 and 5th postings, "Original Airdate: February 4, 2006"] things are getting better for Steve. A whole lot better.

The Pink Panther movie had all of us laughing most of the night, it was hilliarious. I would recommend going to it. Rated at 'PG', it could have been rated 'G' except for a couple innuendoes and a crotch burning scene. And those weren't nearly as funny as the rest.
Now, I laugh out loud, LOL, I really do. With my mouth open too. I wasn't the only one laughing, everyone was. And I didn't go to sleep once--except during the commercials before it started.
Steve Martin as Inspector Clouseau in MGM/Columbia Pictures' The Pink Panther - 2006


Beyonce Knowles as Xania in MGM/Columbia Pictures' The Pink Panther - 2006 [Beyonce is a Houston, Texas, girl made good in the flicks]

Jean Reno, Steve Martin and Emily Mortimer in MGM/Columbia Pictures' The Pink Panther - 2006

Go see it and report back. But you had better hurry, we are likely to see it again very soon.

Just dropping by. Haven't been here lately so I stayed and read all the unarchived posts.

Take care.
Maybe we'll try that. Steve M has long been one of my favorites. He is incredibly talented.
Okay, maybe I'll have to go see it! I like Steve Martin. I also like funny movies.
I wasn't going to see it but since you gave it a thumbs up, I'll have to.

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