Saturday, February 25, 2006

What we did on our 33rd wedding anniversary [click on this/any picture(s) to enlarge]We had a very nice anniversary day. [those crawfish talk if you click on them]

First we had coffee and our granola bar, and looked at the paper some. Earlier, I took the garbage out and got the paper.

Mrs. Jim did some planning for our upcoming vacation. I tuned my blog a little and visited some blog buds.

Mrs. Jim had a 9:48 tee time. She would golf with a couple of lady friends. While she was getting ready, I moved the car and got the golf cart ready.

We all drove to the proshop, Adi went with us. Mrs. Jim let Adi and me off. Then we started our walk home.

Adi even had time for a roll on the fairway. (Please note these photos were ones taken previously on a walk such as yesterday.)

The walk was about two miles. We did this leisurely, taking about 50 minutes. I wanted to check myself going up the hill that had exhausted me before my stent placement, a couple of days before. Yes, I was puffing at the top of the hill and it did take a few minutes to catch my breath. But it was so much better than before, when the puffing started half way up the hill.

Adi came home to take a nap, I drank some coffee and worked some on my Sunday school lesson which I will teach tomorrow. Lunch and a couple of long phone calls from well wishers about my surgery slowed the study process.

At 1:45 I got a call. My sister was coming in from Iowa, they were at Fairfield, Texas, on I-45. Yahoo told me they were 113 miles away and they should be here in less than two hours. I picked up some of my messes. All work on the Sunday school lesson stopped.

Mrs. Jim came home at the same time they arrived. Lois had brought her laptop to check out her new wireless adaptor. We finally got it to work but not it didn't start and lock on the way the one in Mrs. Jim's does. Lois will take it too Best Buy and let the Geeks there tell her what she is doing wrong.

Jim, Sister, Lois' hubby, wanted to wait some for rush hour traffic to die down before they went on to my niece's home in Friendswood. Friendswood is on the other side of Houston, halfway between Houston and Galveston We don't get to visit or see each other much with them In Iowa and us in Texas so their longer stay was very welcome.

One more nice thing about their coming was that they brought a rear window for our 1950 Ford. The first of February when I was up there Mrs. Jim and I brought down a couple of bumpers I had bought. They were kept in Lois' garage for the winter. The window was there too. Thanks guys, for the storage and the help in getting them down to here.

When they had gone Mrs. Jim and I got ready to go eat. On the way we stopped for a little shopping at the LifeWay bookstore. Then it was off to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen to eat. We got there a little after nine and had to wait for a few other numbers to be called. It was only a few minutes. The crowd was way ahead of us.

We each had a seafood plate. Seniors can eat off the lunch menu there. That was still more than we could eat. Mrs. Jim had the Sampler Platter, I had the Crawfish Combo. The Crawfish Combo was the Mardi Gras special at a reduced rate with larger portions than the usual lunch plate. Half of my plate was fried crawfish, the other side had crawfish etoufee. Dirty rice came with this. We each had a salad. For desert we split a bowl of bread pudding. Everything was excellent, all cooked Louisiana Cajun style. There was so much we each took home a doggie bag.

We had a nice day and came home in time for part of David Letterman. I did more on my Sunday school lesson also, as today would be a still busier day for the both of us.
(Papadeaux pictures courtessy of Papadeaux Seafood Kitchen website.)

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I'm glad the op is working for you. Congrats on your anniversary, did Mrs. Jim get a medallion for this?
You should blog sometime about the Jim's in your family. I remember my Dad, and those his age, all calling your Dad, Jim. And then of course the rest of you. Must have been a bit confusing.
Well not to me. Dad was JIM, short for Charles Vernon. Grandpa was Charles, or Charlie, so they didn't want to call Dad Charles or Charley. Today most people call him Vernon.
I was Little Jim or Jimmy. That was so I wouldn't be mixed up with Dad's JIM.
Lois' husband is 'Jim W..d' to us and to Lois when I'm around. His own sister has a name I don't dare call him.
Son, Tim, has a middle name James after my first name.
There probably is blog material here, thanks Cliff.
Happy Anniversary.... Dinner sounds like it was really good!! I am glad y'all enjoyed it!!
clever little bugs there Jim. I've never eaten any yet but I suspect I will one day.
So glad you had a nice anniversary. That place sounds like a place I would enjoy eating at!
Mrs. Jim is very pretty. Papadeaux is my fave restaurant. We don't have one here yet but when the Marsha Sharp Freeway is complete I am told they are going to build one next to a new mall. The crawfish combo is my fave!
mmmmmmmmm, seafood.
Congratulations on the anniversary!
Mmmm... I love the seafood...

except for the fishy ones...

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