Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who is this new deputy?-- Remember, I'm not political
(hint: do you know Lou Ferrigno, age 54?)

(and I didn't shoot him)

Why it's Hulk, of course. Watch the
video at CNN.com.

This morning I searched the blogs from my tool bar (why don't you guys have the Blogger Search tool bar at the top of yours?)
Cheney: 280, 452 posts. Cheney and Attorney: 15, 729 (176 so far about his shooting).

I haven't looked at many yet. Wonder what "My Fellow Bloggers" are saying. Most are nicer than me, so they probably are behaving. I will go see.

(later) I just returned from the 'rounds.' Only two with my links mentioned the affair. They weren't mean at all, at least to the V.P. Glad to hear that, I hope nobody thinks I'm mean. I will be watching Letterman tonight though.

A 'friend sent me some of what I missed last night on the TVs, Yahoo put it all down in their 'news (link).' Since the victim is hurt more than they thought, these aren't so funny (if they were to begin with).


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