Monday, March 27, 2006


no jail for jim yet!!

I am writing from the balcony of my hotel, the Hotel Villa Maria (

My view across the bay is Naples. Mrs. Jim is reading her Rick Steves book. We will be here for a week.

Sorrento is a verypretty town, I canàt say it was prettier than a lot of places we had been during our two weeks on Sicily. I canàt put in my pictures until we get home. Sorry about that,

This morning our group of fifteen had a walking tour of downtown Sorrento. Pictures when we come back.

Noontime found Mrs. Jim and I at the Super Market, on the way to the bus station. We picked up a ciyoke if cabs if Diet Coke (0.55 Euro ea), a hunk of Swiss cheese (from France-1.05 Eur), a couple of Italian hoagie rolls, and two apples. All for 3.16 Eur.

On the bus for an afternoon at Positano. We ate on the bus, all but the apples and one Coke. That was energy for a nice downhill (mountain) walk. At the bottom on a bench looking over the beach and the bay, we finished our lunch.

The bus ride back was uneventful. That is if you call looking straight down cliffs, maybe a couple of football fields down uneventful. Tonight will be pizza and a moonlight stroll.

See you later.

Sounds beautiful.
So that is where you are hiding out! Lving the good life sounds like!!

Enjoy to the max!!!!

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