Monday, March 06, 2006

Headline said: [just out today]
March 6, 2006, 1:34PM
Goodbye 1836, hello Houston Dynamo
Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

Our Houston 1836 Soccer team has changed its name to Houston Dynamo. This is because the 1836 name, in honor of the year Houston was founded, was not politically correct.

You see, Texas also gained its independence from Mexico that year. This was done via a miserable war, 'remember the Alamo,' whereby the nation of Mexico lost a lot of real estate.

The powers that are should have know this 1836 name would go over big at all. Mexico is a huge soccer loving country and so are its people. Given their love for soccer, it was not taken into consideration that Hispanic, mostly of Mexican-American descent, is the majority race of Houston. And it is closing in on the entire state.

I know I sure wouldn't like it if it were very anti-Nebraskan (my birthplace) or anti-German (my predominate nationality).

The new name, the Houston Dynamo(s), is named to give credence that Houston's major industry is energy. That makes sense, just like naming our baseball team the Houston Astros and the basketball team the Houston Rockets. These were named when NASA was really going strong.

I like the new name. I don't follow tennis, so I don't know this team's name. Our hockey team is called the Houston Aeros.

[For the article and pictures of their official emblem, click here.]

Jim! Your grand daughter is adorable, I visited both of your daughters blogs. From what I saw on Karen's, you have a beautiful family! Be careful, Karen Jr. is going to be able to kick your rear if she keeps the karate up!
I liked 1836 better and at least they could ahve came up with an original name instead of recycling.
- 1984: Houston Dynamo played in the United Soccer League, a league which co-existed with the NASL. The NASL folded in 1984 while USL made its exit in 1985.
- 1987: The Lone Star Soccer Alliance was founded and Houston Dynamo resurfaced. This team was later named the Houston Internationals.

With all that said, I am still not sure anyone cares about soccer here.
You do good work. Thanks for the education.
I was thinking you would be getting season tickets?
Mrs. Jim and I could use them some of the time, maybe when you were golfing.
Soccer is okay. I think it's best I don't give my opinion on the name change.

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