Thursday, March 02, 2006

Headline says: (link)

"Town plans to follow 'God's will'
"No birth control, abortion or porn to be available in new community"

Not sure what I think. Interesting.
Even if I personaly disagree with some of the restrictions they are trying to put in, I say let them do it. It will ultimatly be up to the people to decide if this makes it or not. If nobody moves in, how long can it last? Of coure in the real world, the "politically correct" people will never let this go thru.
Hey Miles, your picture looks like Peter Dinklage, you were an elf in the movie, Elf.
Miles Finch had two lines in Elf:
Miles Finch: [pitching ideas for a book] No tomatoes. Too vulnerable. Kids, they're already vulnerable.
Walter: See, I told you guys. I told them the same thing...
Miles Finch: : And no farms. Everyone's pushing small town rural. A farm book would just be white noise.
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