Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Life of the rich and famous?

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Well, yes, this person, the owner of this house, is famous. He is rich. He is a sports figure. This house is his lake house. His living house is in Houston, I'm speculating that he has mountain homes, homes in foreign countries, a luxury apartment in a New York City and Boston. I might be underestimating.


Adi and I did our two plus mile walk yesterday, we decided to take a different route. It took us across the golf course and through another yard to his street.

That is his house to the left of the power line poles. That sand trap is on hole 17, before Adi walked and rolled in it. She left nice little tracks and a big smooth place where she rolled. She sure is a nice hound dog.

This person is Roger Clemens, the most famous pitcher among the living and active, i.e. not retired, major league baseball pitchers..

Roger hasn't decided whether to play or retire for this year. He is at the Astros spring training camp for the minors right now.

And guess what? He made the front page headline yesterday in our Houston Chronicle. The headline said (link), "Will he play ball?" In smaller print, "Several teams have made their pitches, but only the man on the mound knows."

There was another story (link) besides his future for next year; his son, Koby Clemens hit a homerun off ol' Dad in batting practice! Koby Clemens was drafted by the Astros, right out of high school this year.

I hope he plays for the Corpus Christi Hooks, the Astros' class AAA farm team (see link on my sidebar). That will give us a another reason to go to Corpus more. Our cousin, J. J. Gotsch, is president of that team and we will visit more with him too.

Our lake

Our lake is way down, it has been ever since hurricane Rita this summer. Rita damaged the dam by messing with the huge boulders in the earthen part. They were supposed to give strength and stability to this part of the dam, but they were no match for the waves kicked up by Rita.


Those aren't islands you see in this picture. Showing is our 'lakeside' fairway 16 and the housed behind it. With a ladder, the golfer can hit out of this hazard with ease. [Our house is up the hill, behind those houses, another row of houses, and another fairway. We can see water from our back windows through those houses until the trees get leaves again.]

The dam is expected to be fully repaired by summer for a few million dollars, about 1.1 mil coming from FEMA. Completition will be too late for water refilling for summer use, we will have to wait until the winter rains for normal levels.

The middle picture shows a boat dock behind the house on the right. Neither these people or the Clemens can use their boats, along with a lot of others. A few home owners have gone to the expense to dredge a channel to their docks.

Those must be some pretty ardent boaters, huh?

Beautiful area.
Did you rake the trap after Adi rolled in it? I would like to play there some day. It looks nice and reminds me of Northridge Country Club.
Pretty home he has. The golf course and the lake are so pretty even if it is a little low.

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