Monday, March 06, 2006

"Walk the Line"
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Hooray for Reese! Hooray for Reese!
Hooray for Reese! Hooray for Reese!

We saw Walk the Line before it left the theatres. I thought it was a good movie.

Reese Witherspoon is the first entry in my book of stars.
It helps that she is a Southern girl, born in 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
My vote doesn't count, but she has it anyway for best dressed lady last night.*
I can't find a picture I can put here, they all seem to be copywrited. So, click here for the best. Yahoo, Yahoo, ABC news, and others that you can Google have some you can see. It was sooo pretty.
I think she got my eye first in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde. That one didn't get very good ratings but I sure liked it, especially Reese.
She did good for the Oscar judges too.

*Per AP Wire,

"Reese Witherspoon is confident her gown is really vintage this time - she picked it out herself. 'It's original Christian Dior from 1955,' she told reporters backstage at Sunday's Academy Awards. 'I found it in a vintage store in Paris, and it's mine!'"

There had been a flap about her as a Golden Globe winner this January, wearing the same glittery Chanel(sic) cocktail dress that Kirsten Dunst had worn to the awards in 2003. (

I was thrilled to learn Crash beat out Brokeback. Glad Reese won, too. She's a cutie.
I agree with elise!
Me too! I'll probably miss that one.
Yeah Jim, I'm a Reese fan too.
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Thanks, Sara. I posted some links to the pictures now and removed the one I had.
I like Reese as well but I was pulling for Felicity Huffman. She makes my book stars.
Just a lot of script people did like her.
Myself, I just haven't known many transexual people. Maybe I understand them better than you though.
I did some study, mostly upon the trendy meaning of that word. I think we have disagreed on that before.

I have no idea about the movie her movie or have any plans to see it. She is on my list and I would have liked to see her win. Nothing more nothing less.

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