Thursday, March 02, 2006

Who is this man?

I'm not telling. You will have to look at yesterday's blog, then go to the comments. Just another has-been sports celebrity, and he is trying to raise a fuss. But he did leave a comment on my blog, fuss or no fuss.

While you are checking there, won't you please leave me a comment. I feel good reading them, even if you do pick on me.

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Never heard of the man (that should make him feel good.)
Jim...starting drama? I'm intrigued. player asks a question about etiquette and now he is "a has-been sports celebrity, and he is trying to raise a fuss." That's harsh. I think I may recommend he refrain from commenting to avoid the abuse and mental anguish. Perhaps even a boycott.
Some people have already boycotted my blog. I may have to learn how to 'win friends and influence people.'
That is ol' timer talk for 'being politically correct.'
NO! Don't be potlicially correct that is just a terrible way of making people conform!
Well, I will think more about being politically correct. My blog profile says that I don't care about being politically correct.
By the way, Romeo Posar is a washed out golf caddy.
JIM: Good one. Jim. That ball is back in your court.
Go Jim! (cheering)
Most of the time, when I comment, you delete me. Getting deleted so often is sooooooooo ungratifying.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I can't believe everyone is making fun of my husband! But, it sure did give me a great laugh!!
To Anonymous: Even though I know who you are, 'Anonymous' bugs me sometimes as she goes against my unpublished standards of conduct. Your comment this time is ok. I'm Watching You!!!!
To Dr. Molly Griswold: Which one of those golfer nuts is your husband? Neither has your last name. You aren't going to harass me too, are you? Please don't boycott me!!
And you can keep on laughing.

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