Saturday, April 29, 2006

Adi Can . . .
Adi can meet new friends
[you can click on this picture to enlarge them]
But where is her new friend?

Easy questions first. What was she doing when she met this new fellow? Why going for a walk with Jim, of course.
Ok, now where is her newfound friend?
. Why up that tree, that's where.

It's a squirrel!! It's a squirrel!! [Look right in the middle of the picture, on your left side of the trunk.]
What is that guy doing up in the tree when Adi is on the ground looking up?
He ran up the tree when Adi was chasing him.
You see, this is another friend Adi really didn't take to.
[or vice versa]

What a cute dog. They are just like kids always picking the wrong friends. LOL
I think you misjudge Adi. He was ROMPING with his friend, the squirrel, not CHASING him.

I vote to restate the "anonymous" option.

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