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Biscuit & Biscuit,

Van Gogh,
. and
activity at St. Remy
.[[remember to click on any picture to enlarge it]

Biscuit & Biscuit is a cute little 'ceramic cafe.'

These are the owner/operators, Jill and Joy, and their dog, Igor. The brochure is in French, if you don't read French, you can still get the drift of their business.

Now we didn't do ceramics at St. Remy but at this cafe we had coffee and a snack. While we were doing the coffee, we also were using their Internet.

The Information Center had given them as an Internet point. Actually this is a service for their customers and not their main business.

While the other places were charging seven to nine Euros ($9 to $11) an hour, Biscuit & Biscuit added a nominal three Euro an hour to the customer's bill for Internet.

Coffee wasn't their main business either, it is another service to the ceramic patrons who are painting and decorating their ceramic items. Biscuit then fires the customer's items in one of the kilns.

Biscuit & Biscuit has been in operation since last December and seems to be going pretty strong. As a retired business professor who taught a course in entrepreneurship, I am always interested in how these small businesses are getting along.

We sure didn't spend all our time at St. Remy on the Internet, just enough to get e-mail and do a couple of blog entries. Not all places we stayed had Internet for us to find.

What else did we do there? Here is a hint, remember that Van Gogh spent over a year painting in this lovely little village.

A better hint:

More about this later, but for now, compare this picture with the classic by Van Gogh above.



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Update: Biscuit et Biscuit Céramique Café has now moved to Marseille, France (link). I am sure this is a much better location for their shop. Marseille is open year round, is much larger than St. Remy, and has a lot more tourists traffic.

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