Monday, April 17, 2006

Catching up
[offer to get a classic pedal car]
[also, I fixed the link to the whole ad page]
This came by e-mail while we were gone.

Anybody can get me one with no questions asked. My birthday is negotiable, so just when you get the money.

I might get one for my next grandkid, but they are so cute maybe Grandpa needs it instead.

I think your grandkid needs one too! Perhaps you do also!

Go see (link).

MAC's Classic Auto Parts (link)

Happy Easter!

(I like the black one.)
I'll take red. You did say you were buying, Right??
Welcome back Jim.
Let's see, one for Reiley, one for Josiah, and one for Luke....
Dad, and Mrs. Dad,

Welcome back home.

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