Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Catching up
[the iceman mail carrier cometh]
A nice bundle was left at our doorstep and we found it Saturday night when got home around eleven. That's it in the picture, labeled United States Postal Service, and it was full.
Yesterday I had an appointment with my cardiologist. I passed with almost flying colors, I might have to double my blood pressure medicine. Have a new prescription but am supposed to monitor at home for a while before filling it. I do get white coat syndrome, we don't want it to be medicated to levels too low.
Anyway, after getting back home, I tackled this lovely bundle. Part of it I had organized Sunday night. I even paid the Sprint bill and wrote a check for the electricity that night.
But the picture shows my organization. You can guess my priorities.
1st row (on the left, starting with the apple)
a. (w/apple) Very important bills, a couple were even a few days late
b. Important--needs response or payment (or Bad/Good news)
c. Montgomery Pet Partner Treasurer stuff
d. Magazines to read in my spare time
2nd row
a. Fairly important
b. Must read
c. Neighbor's mail accidently left in the bundle
3rd row
a. All junk--have to look for identifier numbers before trashing
b. Mrs. Jim magazines to read in her spare time
c. Sunday paper that didn't get read yet. No, the mail carrier didn't bring it.
4th row
a. Mother-in-law's bill. Mrs. Jim will pay this.
b. Mrs. Jim's attention pile
c. Second bunch of junk mail, already in the trash
Now I know this is really exciting--remember my other name, Mr. Excitement--but it does show the kids and grandkids how I make order from chaos.

Oh my, you do have some catching up to do!! Oh well, that's the price you pay for going off and having a fun time globe trotting!!

I'll bet Adi is so happy you all are home again!!
Hi Dad- I know exactly where my 'pile making behavior' comes from now!!! Billy hates it when I make him piles, but it comes honestly!! :)

Glad you are home!!
and mom home, too!!!
You handled that crate of mail with great finesse and flair.
By the way, read the notice on the side of the crate. I believe there's a huge monetary fine for not returning it to the USPS.
Better watch it.
It' (the box) has gone back already now.
Thanks. I wonder how big the fine would be?

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