Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gas [eGad] prices
Catching up--I can't
[that reminded me of The Little Engine That Could]
[do you remember that one?]
I'm supposed to be getting our vacation stuff put on here!
But haven't even finished with the mail yet.

$5.584 per gallon for diesel
40 plus miles per gallon
w/ a Ford Focus 1.4 liter SUV diesel
[The one we rented in Milan, Italy,
on April 2, 2006. This is it, parked
beside the 2006 Winter Olympic
Stadium in Turin, Italy. Click on
pictures to enlarge them.]


$2.79 per gallon for regular
21 miles per gallon
w/ my '98 4.6 liter Ford Mustang GT

I just did some calculations.

The last time (last Saturday morning) we filled up the little Ford Focus SUV in Milan, Italy, diesel was 1.20 a Euro. It had gone up some, our cheapest was 1.04 Eur in Cavaillon (Provence), France, at an Auchan store. Auchan is the French competitor to WalMart. They closed their last store in Houston a few years back, and the last two in the U.S. in 2003 (link).

At 1.20 Eur for diesel, that is $5.584 per gallon. When we got home last Saturday, diesel was $2.59.

Our car BURNS/GUZZLES--gets about 21 mpg--premium, it is over $3.00 now.

Can't do this in the U.S
with the Ford Focus SUV

Why not, because they don't sell a Ford Focus 1.40 diesel model here. The best is a 2.0 gas model that gets EPA Est MPG: 26 City/34 Highway.

See Houston Gas Prices (link) for out latest here.

We, the consumers, are not going to win no matter what we do. I am just glad that we no longer have to take two vehicles over 50 miles a day to work. Now it's only one.

I saw an economist on TV say that EVERYTIME oil had trippled (which it just has again), the U.S. has gone into a recession.

I hope the correlation breaks down this time.

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