Thursday, April 06, 2006


(I miss Adi--she is staying with Billy and Karen and GC4))

That will be after April 19. We are going to jail in Provence, France, for a week, then to Tuscony for another week, then home.

I'm sorry I'm not answering all your comments or reading much of my blogging friends' blogs right now. Internet runs from 5 Euro an hour, down. At this little Internet cafe/bar, it is only 3 Eur an hour. Still, I don't hang around too much after checking on and answering e-mail.

I trust Susie will come up with some more tales. She is good at that. Her preaching goes in one and comes out my other. She finally gave up on ol' Dad.

Have four minutes left, so will go.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
Hey, I know Europe is a few hours ahead of us, but 18 days??!!

What are ya doin' time for? Let me know if the bread and water in that jail is any good.
That way it will stay ahead of Susie? IF AND WHEN she blogs again for me.
HAve a good time.

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