Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Is an apology due?

If I offended you with yesterday's post, then I apologize. But I won't change. Or change the blog (for now at least).

My Site Meter said I have had 26 'lookers' for that one. Plus only two commenters, so I know people not commenting just 1) didn't want to hurt my feelings to tell me it was in bad taste or 2) other reasons, like my many relatives and friends who aren't bloggers. I'll hear from the latter in private later, my ears might be burning right now.

But it was something I felt I had to do. I'm just plain bad sometimes.

Oh yes, another blogger Googled to find my December 20 article about the six day underwear. How about that. Knew what he/she was looking for too, asked for 'six days underwear three leg holes japanese.' I checked that one out, found out there is a lot of Internet writing/discussion about that. I did my article from memory.

I thought it was funny but I wasn't sure if you were serious.

Take care
No, I sure wasn't serious about the tale. But I was serious about this blog.
The six day underwear isn't serious either.
Both fit my wierd sense of humor.

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