Friday, April 28, 2006

Who said, "We have two oil men in the White House." "I've never seen an oil man who wanted the price of oil to go down."

Why Senator Robert Menendez (D. New Jersey) of course, on the Charlie Rose show Wednesday night.

Per the Houston Chronicle of April 27, 2006, "Menendez proposed a 60-day suspension of the 18.4-cent gasoline tax and 24-cent-a-gallon diesel tax. Revenue lost to the government, as much as $6 billion, would be made up by removing some oil company tax breaks, he said.

I just posted this Q & A to test some waters. This doesn't necessarily represent my feelings about oil men.
Two of my kids are oil people and our area economy depends a lot upon petrochemical business.
just want you to know i really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. having kind words from my blogging friends has been so much encouragment over the past 5 weeks. we're doing alright, just picking up the pieces and looking to God for strength and peace. i'm sure you can identify with that.

yea, and thanks for the political tid bit for today!


If it were not for the severence and advalorem taxes the oil companies pay to the state and local governments on their oil lands (like the property taxes we pay on our houses), we would probably have a state income tax in Texas.

I hate to pay at the pump too, but at least we have no state income taxes here.
That's right!!! And we don't want any.
Aren't the new taxes being generated just now are going to put one on businesses and professionals?
Attorneys already are paying $200 a year in occupational tax. Don't professional engineers have this too? CPAs do.
We gotta do right regardless of what will benefit us. If it's good for us but harms the majority of the country, we gotta let go of our good for the greater good.

Let God provide for us, not an industry or the government.

Hey, where's the "anonymous" option? Now we have to admit to any anti-social, disagreeable, or teasing things said? Boo....

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