Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tim, my youngest son, has been skydiving.
Dad didn't know until this week.
He has done two dives now in tandem, next he can study up and take an exam to dive solo. I don't think he has signed up for this yet.
Bachelors just wanna have fun.

Before you ask, I will. Why isn't he wearing a helmet? Huh, why aren't you, Tim?
Helmets are a good idea. Are they required?
No, that they are not required. I heard a long funny conversation on a talk show about that not long ago. I can't remember which show.
Never even thought of the helmet issue. Just wondered why period.
I wil tell you why.... it is because his daughters are 18 and over! Billy wants to 'do that in a heartbeat!' I told him.... not until his daughter is 18! Oh yes, and his life insurance policy is where I want it to be!
I would LOVE to do that!
I think it'd be fun but I think I'd pass out!

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