Saturday, May 06, 2006

Adi Can ...
Adi can celebrate Cinco de Mayo

[click pictures to enlarge--Adi likes that]

That was yesterday, May 5, the holiday which celebrates Mexico's 1862 military victory against the French in Puebla.
It was on our usual walk after the ride to the proshop with Mrs. Jim that Adi found the yellow John Deere machine.
I'll bet you thought all John Deeres were green and yellow, right? Well if so, maybe this wasn't a John Deere at all, just a cousin named Deere, a yellow Deere.
Yellow Deere, sounds like an Indian name, doesn't it? Chief Yellow Deer. Our cousin is named Chief Running Deer. He is quite a guy. I did his divorce here in Texas before he moved to Louisiana. We should see and visit with him at the family reunion the end of this month.

At the end of the walk, Adi stopped to smell the flowers, these yellow daylilies, Little Bronzenes (Houston Chronicle link)(Green Space, Houston Chronicle blog link). Then she posed for a photo op.



When I worked for Ford Aerospace at NASA here in Houston, I had to turn in a weekly status report for my Ford supervisor. This was because we all were doing diverse activities and there really wasn't any way the company could monitor our contract performance by observation.


The thought occurred to me that since so many of my family read the blog--only Susie and Mitch comment now that I've eliminated the anonymous option--I could do a status report. Others might find it interesting or could just skip it. A form will make it easier for me. If you have suggestions you could let me know what you think.




Health check--blood pressure/heart rate 129/61/68 8:10 AM, 134/66/58 11:58.


Day's biggie--it rained last night so had to cancel golf. Just cool it today, read the paper, blog, drink coffee, do some organizing and cleaning.


I love your dog. So very very cute. Enjoy your day just chillin.

Take care

Catherine xx
That Adi sure is wonderful! I think she would have liked the music at the 'Cajun Festival' here in Orange, Texas!!
Maybe we should take her to the 'Crawfish Boil' tomorrow with us. They are to have Cajun music too.
Maybe if you just print your daily status report first, then we can decide if we want to read the rest of your blog.
Pretty pictures. I love daylillies and Adi is so cute!
I think Adi like all of the wheels on the JD. (All of their non farm equiptment is yellow)
I'm glad I don't have to give a status report to someone everyday. Somedays it would be embarrassing.

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