Thursday, May 11, 2006

Adi Can ...

Adi can guard the Mustang we washed Tuesday.


Adi can also stop on our walk to admire the flowers. Do you think she likes them?


What is Adi looking at? Maybe for these ducks we saw on our walk?



Health check--

blood pressure/heart rate . . . . 112/59/65 at 5:50AM.

Day's biggies--

Get Mrs. Jim off for hair appointment

Go to out patient surgery place to stay with family of friend who is having arthoscopic knee

Go to a funeral with Mrs. Jim for friends middleaged son who died unexpectedly

Visit Billy's mom in the hospital after her surgery

Continue work on the Sunday school lesson I'm teaching this Sunday

Pretty car. Pretty dog. Pretty ducks. Pretty flowers. Is Adi watering the plants??

Sounds like you are doing your part in visiting the sick.
sorry to hear about the unexpected death of a friend. i pray they are Believers and that they are getting strength from our Father.

nice ride, there Jim. i love mustangs. i finally learned how to drive david's 05, 5 speed roush pretty well, and i'm begging him to buy me an 07 shelby. it's a long shot, but hey all he can say is no. lol

hope things are well with you and the mrs.


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