Thursday, May 25, 2006

Adi Can ...

can read signs - I - (remember, she is a reading dog)
. .
Looks like lost luggage (LLLL, LOL),
I don't see it. Blame the airline.
Nowhere did it say
keep of the flowers.


Lady, are you going to stop?


I know this guy, he will stop.

That house behind me is for sale.

Mrs. Jim and I are pretty nice neigbhors.

Jim can get cranky sometimes.

Adi Can . . . can read signs - II- (remember, she is a reading dog) is coming to your neighborhood soon. Watch for it.

Yes, but can she "Go get Timmy?"
Sure she can! Adi can do anything!!!
I just love her. She is so cute.
Adi sure is sweet and smart!!! Cliff, that is a good one!
Looks like she had a really nice day. She's a poser.
Somerset, what is that?

Adi is so cute. Of course she can read. I knew she could!!

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