Saturday, May 27, 2006

Adi Can . . .

yes, Adi can have allergies.

She can go (yesterday) to her doctor and get a shot, get her ears cleaned, and finally her nails trimmed. Before we do all that Adi is very nervous in anticipation. Smart dog here!

Dr. Hablinski told us that in the winter one of four dogs get allergies, but in the summer about half get them.

Some years Benadryl keeps her calm and not itching scratching, but this year as in 2004, she needed a shot to overcome.

Mema (
link) thought maybe Adi had worms too. Dr. Hablinski said no, her heartworm medicine would kill three of the four common. After a short exam he said she didn't have the fourth either. And now I can check that for free, he showed me where they would show up.

Now Adi is a lot happier dog.
After checking around the vet's fire hydrant for traces of any friends, she enjoyed her ride home and is having a good nap now that she can rest peacefully. And the scratching has stopped.

Well, she sure is a darling dog! Rachel has the link to your boog Jim and I may try to write a story about that little house.
btw: We called my Grandmother Mema, too...I've never really known what the correct spelling should be, but that sure looks good to me!
Thanks, OLOTH! I will go look. I do read your blog some.
We are in North Louisiana today again.
We spent the night in the D'Arbone park, north of Ruston, La, west of Farmerville.
It was for Mrs. Jim's family reunion.

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