Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Amazing Race

Who is your pick?

I sure hope it wasn't 'MoJo'--that's Joseph and Monica--tonight because they got eliminated. Nobody liked Joseph and Monica (MoJo), and I really didn't care for their tactics and attitude either.

Next week it will be a two-hour spectacular and the final winning team will be announced.

It can be:
  1. B.J. and Tyler (the hippies), they're my choice, this week and next week;
  2. Eric and Jeremy; or
  3. Ray and Yolanda, they were the voters' choice (link to vote) last week.

I also liked Fran and Barry (the older couple) too, but they got eliminated last week.

I hope I'm not picking the losers. Winners can celebrate next week. is also giving prizes to lucky voters. I haven't entered yet so can't say much about it.



There have been thirteen hits in the last couple of hours from searches. Eight were for 'Amazing Race,' one for 'hippies,' one for "BJ and Tyler," the others came from other referals.

No one stayed to comment.

The way we wil comment is if you ask us a question. Then we will say, "I think....(everybody's two favorite words."

Otherwise, what can we say?
Either we leave our mark (Hi, Jim. Stopped in to say hello. Susie) or write something witty (I'll bet Adi....). And both are either time consuming, frustrating, or awkward--hence, not many comments.

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