Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Beverly Hillbillies' truck trivia question: Winners and Answers

It was made by George Barris,
. . . .answers first:
(this picture is of a toy 1922 Oldsmobile touring sedan)


That's about it. I started with the Tim Spell, Houston Chronicle article below and didn't do as much research as several readers. So you might be more right than I am, but "It's my blog and this is the way it will be," you see, I don't like to argue.

Should my next one might be more fun or more controversial?

Thanks too, to the rest of you who commented, and maybe some who already knew but didn't want to tell because you researched the answer.

"For instance, Barris' quest to locate a jalopy for the The Beverly Hillbillies, jibing with Ozark family's roots, was answered as Barris was cruising along Interstate 10, passing a feed store in Fontana, Calif.
"All of a sudden I saw an old car," he said. "I whipped off the freeway and went back into the feed store and there was an old 1922 Oldsmobile — it was a sedan, the guy had cut the back off of it and he was using it to haul hay." He photographed it and took the images to the show's producer and writer Paul Henning.
Henning was delighted with the relic, but added a small modification to Barris' plans — "We have to put a rocking chair in the back for old granny to sit on." "

[From the Houston Chronicle, Sunday, May 14, 2006--Link ]

Just to spread the word, Karen blogged last night. I link to her blog on my side panel, Karen's Happiness.

It has been a long time, she has been very, very busy.
hey jim! about picture taking...there are times that they get aggrivated with me but i've always enjoyed pictures so i think it just seems normal to them now. poor things! i bet when they have their own families they'll never take ANY pictures, cos they're gonna already be pictured out!!! lol

hey, tell me what you think about the new shelby coming out? got any inside details? price, how retro, big hit? you know my hubby has the 05 mustang roush and i've mentioned the new shelby but he says he's not sure if it's going to be as retro as i think it's gonna be. i have to admit, i do love his roush, but i think i'd really like the factory "engine power" that they say is coming with the shelby.

well, gotta run...i drove his roush the other day and it rained (frown) and so i owe his car a bath now. so i wanna do that before he gets home for lunch. lol

Around here the Shelbys are all spoken for, ordered ahead at a premium price.

A Roush would suit me fine. It has to be a convertible, Shelby will have some convertibles, Roush doesn't, does he?

I call the convertible 'an old man's four wheel motorcycle.'
So, it IS a car, after all...

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