Thursday, May 04, 2006

Catching up
(some more)
Headline said:
FEC Rules Exempt Blogs From Internet Political Limits

In a 6-0 decision, "the Federal Election Commission left unregulated almost all political activity on the Internet except for paid political advertisements."
Important things happened while we were gone. Some will never go into my memory bank, this one jumped out at me while I was going through e-mail, it was a 'Technology News' alert in my Yahoo from The Washington Post, Daily Report of March 27 (link).
According to the article, now you can stay late and do political blogging from your work, on the company computer even, as long as the boss didn't direct you to do it.
Isn't that what this means? "The rule allows the unlimited use of corporate and union computers for political activity by employees and members, as long as they are not doing so on company time or are not under orders from their employer or union."
I haven't read the ruling. Who knows when it will be published." (Ibid)
I haven't been able so far (and I may never do it) to read the ruling itself. So this is all based upon my interpretation of the Washington Post.
Text Color (how did this get here?)

maybe the law means company laptop computers used at home.

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