Monday, May 08, 2006

The first plate,
[click on picture to enlarge]
of all you can eat crawfish. We won't tell how many plates we had, but I'm still stuffed three hours after we stopped eating.

DAILY STATUS REPORT:.Health check--blood pressure/heart rate 121/61/69 10:30AM.

Day's biggies--
...Go to Social Security Office. Submit a Request for Reconsideration, they say they overpaid me $4538 for the past five years. I believe it should be for two years. This might take a while.
...Mrs. Jim will play bridge this afternoon.
...Give Adi a bath if I get back home in time.

i still haven't brought myself to eat those crawfish yet. of course down here in the south it's not popular, but when we too our road trip to california and stopped along the coast several times, we had opportunity, but still haven't been able to do it. it's funny.

but glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves!

I love shrimp, but like radical one, I haven't ever tried crawfish. Are they similar? (I might be persuaded...)
Similar, but smaller. These were boiled with a spicey mix added.
They have a little 'wild' taste.
Most of them grow in the rice fields while they are flooded.
Yum, Yum!! Hope you had some for me!! My husband's mouth would water if he could see that picture! He LOVES that stuff.
How come nobody notices we're being punished for not commenting?

This is weird.

Where's the rest of your blogs?
Hey dad,

Addie sure is looking good these days. She is probably better kept than 80% of all children.

Also, you probably do not remember this, but, on Pickerton with Viola (our maid), we the kids caught a bunch of crawdads out of the sewer (ouch!) ditch behind our house. She boiled them up and we had them for dinner. I remember them tasting like shrimp, only harder/tougher and more "gamey" tasting.
Hi Mitch. I thought of that yesterday while we were eating the crawfish.

Sometimes I think about writing a blog about Viola. Would you guys help? You were around her more than we were.
Mmmmm, I love mudbugs. Wish I had a plateful of them now.
This is cruel - I love crawfish

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