Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gene and Sue and their Alvin Opry

This is Sue, Mrs. Jim's cousin from Alvin.

[Well, it was supposed to be her picture, Blogger isn't getting pictures uploaded for me this morning. I did these of Gene yesterday, along with Sue, but Sue's got lost.] [Not all is lost, she is at the bottom of yesterday's post along with her grandson.]

I have been knowing Sue for about as long as I have known Mrs. Jim, about two months after we met. That is thirty-four years! Sue's three daughters call Mrs. Jim by 'Aunt [Mrs. Jim].' That really isn't strange for this family, Mrs. Jim calls some of her distant cousins aunts as well (example, Aunt Viola). Sue's mother-in-law and Mrs. Jim's grandmother were sisters.


At the reunion Saturday, as soon as we arrived, I was almost accosted by Mrs. Jim's cousin, Gene. He said his wife, Sue, didn't believe I was running a blog. Sandra had been telling them about it.

Gene and Sue run the Alvin Opry (link), located in Alvin, Texas. You can read about Gene and his start in singing by navigating from "The Stars" or click here.

Alvin Opry has been running for seventeen years now.

Sue also writes a weekly newsletter, ALVIN OPRY NEWS (link).

I do hope Sue, that you will read my blog, at least every now and then. Gene, could you spare a few minutes now and then too?

And all the other readers, please check on these Alvin Opry guys. I will put a link on the sidebar so no one need remember it.

If you would be in the Houston area, you would have a good evening there**. Everyone is real friendly! It's located in the Tri-County Opry House, Alvin, Texas




** The June 2006 (or whatever month) schedule is one their Event Calendar. Something is going on every Friday and Saturday night at 7:30pm, except for family reunion weekend.

The Gospel Show is every 3rd Sunday of the month, from 2-5PM.The admission is FREE!

The latest Alvin Opry News says:

"The Alvin Opry is Alvin's Original Live Country Music and Comedy Stage Show.

"We have been in existence since 1989. We invite you to set aside a weekend night and come and take a comfortable theater-styled seat and enjoy an evening of great Texas fun. We hold auditions every Thursday night at 7:30pm at the Opry building."

Well, I checked out the link, and googled Alvin, TX, as well. It's a bit of a drive from Chicago, but maybe someday...
Thanks for looking. And your comment.

We have a nice guest room for you guys. Maybe your husband could do a sermon someplace here for a stipend, I could check our church, and thus make the trip a business expense.

We've been a few times, Mrs. Jim's cousins (Aunt Viola and Cousin Dorothy) used to go a lot before Aunt Viola broke her hip.

Not everything is amateur, some artists are pretty good. One of the guest performers (I won't say names) is the granddaughter of our friends. It's a small world.
Sounds like a fun place Jim!

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