Saturday, May 06, 2006

Go Bob and John**
Go for the Roses!!
Can he make it for Bob McNair?
12 to 1 odds say he will have to run very hard, which he will if Bob Baffert has his way.
Bob and John
See Bob and John
See Bob and John run
Run, Bob and John, run
Bob and John lives at Stonerside Stables, in Paris, Kentucky. Bob McNair lives in Houston, Texas, and is the billionaire owner of the Houston Oilers as well as Bob and John. [McNair uses horse sense with Texans, John Lopez, the Houston Chronicle (link)]
Bob and John has 9 starts, 4 wins, 1 second, and 3 thirds. His earnings to date are $680,070. I could retire on that but he can't. Not yet.
**Our TV gets NBC, so maybe I'll see you there this afternoon, ladies, wear your pretty hat.
Whoops, NBC anouncer said odds have changed to 11 to 1 now.

Bob and John finished 17th out of 18 horses. That isn't so very good.
So it will be moving to me, old blogs never read, and . . . real soon.
One thing for sure, I'm glad I didn't bet any money on him.

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