Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I could say, Happy 18th Anniversary, Number One JIM'S LITTLE BLOG Fan Club member. Also Happy Anniversary, cousins from Orange, Texas.

Better not do the Number One thing now. The fans aren't organized very well yet except for Sandra, the president. She checks me every morning like clockwork.


Then too, there may be other fan clubs that I'm not aware of. If so, they might want to be Number One .

One reason Sandra likes to read it is because she doesn't know what to expect. People might read my blog in trying to figure me out. I hope they won't really be able to predict me, except for things with Adi.

Adi is my second love, Mrs. Jim is first. I carry in my Bible a drawing of a heart with an arrow through it. I title it "Jimmy's Heart." The arrow is named Mrs. Jim. I'll show that later.

Seriously, I do want to thank people who read my blog. I know those of you who post occasionally and those relatives and friends who report every now and then.

Site Meter tells me the weekly average is around 25 to 35 hits a day. Some come back because I haven't updated yet, like today which is late. Mrs. Jim and I golfed this morning.

This lady with her grandson is also Mrs. Jim's cousin. We visited with her at the reunion too.

More about cousins, Gene and Sue tomorrow.

So how long do you have to blog to get a number one for?

Love your website to especially Adi photos.

Take care xx
I can't predict you Jim. I can predict that Mrs. Jim is going to beat you at golf!! (Maybe?)
Yes, she is playing a lot and getting pretty good. I beat her by one today.

Her day was fine, she didn't lose any balls and found one. Mine was not that good, I lost three and found one.
Hi Jim

Thanks for posting on my blog.

I feel a bit embarrassed because Bricking it is kind of rude. Basically it is kind of like your example of John except its in your pants. Kind of gross really but its just a saying we would use in England if you are really scared, you would say that you are bricking yourself. You can delete this comment if you want to. I won't be offended.

I don't know how to add people to my blog. You know people that I read. I am a bit useless when it comes to technical stuff. Otherwise I would add you to the Circus.

I will post some more of Arnie and Slinky for you.

Take care Jim
Jim I forgot to tell you that I put Britmum in google and I came top of the list. How cool is that. Now you can google me. LOL

Take care
I'm glad she cleared up bricking it for us!! Funny! I would never have thought that!!

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