Friday, May 26, 2006

Just another old post office? (Camilla, Texas)

I don't really know if this building was a post office or not, Mrs. Jim and I have always thought it probably was. It could have been a jail.


I would like readers to figure out a story to go with this building. I can't do much good that way. I might try another day if nothing real good comes up. If you write, you can put the picture on your blog and tell in a comment here that you have done it. If it will be a short idea, just put it in my comments.


Rachel had a very nice story about an old post office on May 17, 2006 (link). Thanks, Rachel.

The building is located in Camilla, Texas. There isn't much in Camilla anymore. It is just a crossroad of a couple of not so traveled Texas highways, State Highway 222 and Farm roads 3128 and 3278. Go on down FM 3278 about five miles north and you will come the modern town of Camilla. It caters mostly to people who live near Lake Livingston now, having a liquor store, a tavern, and a convenience store that sells gas.


I tell people it is on the way from Cold Spring to Livingston, a short cut for us into East Texas. Back when I was telling people I was going to jail (actually, we went to Europe) this was the building I really wanted to say was my jail.
Per the Handbook of Texas Online (
"Camilla received a post office in 1895, and though this office was subsequently discontinued, the area population, which largely earned its livelihood from locally grown cotton, was estimated to be 100 through the first half of the twentieth century.
"The community had three rated businesses as late as 1961. By the mid-1960s, however, the number of residents had fallen to about seventy, and the community no longer reported any businesses.
"The population of Camilla was still reported as seventy in 1990, though it had increased to 200 by 2000."


ToDo--Take Adi to the vet for her annual summer allergy attack

--watch Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon on Regis

--go to county seat (Conroe, Texas) to get out of jury duty next Tuesday (it is scheduled for 8:00, too early for me--no, that's no excuse, but my age (104) is, buy coke, bread and a card

--attend GC#3's--Jenna--high school graduation and then celebrate with family

--pack for family reunion Saturday.

Done Did That--Took the meat Mrs. Jim had cooked to North Louisiana (Farmerville) for her family reunion

--also took Mema--she is in charge of the reunion but her kids do the work

--came back last night in time for our neighborhood group 42 (dominoes) game--I was still at table # 1 when we stopped playing

--and in time for Mrs. Jim golf today and Adi for her doctor/vet appointment.

That was a mother-in-law quarters. The owners didn't want her to get too comfy.
It was probably a post office/bank or something unremarkable.... but it could render some good fiction. I like Susie's idea.
At any rate, it's an interesting picture.

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