Friday, May 12, 2006


Lunar for sure
[click picture to enlarge]
Hey diddle diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon,
The little dog laughed to see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.
Headline said . . .
"Poem removed from St. Thomas literary magazine"
"Its author says it's homophobia; Laurels adviser [the University of St. Thomas' literary magazine] charges sneakiness
By ALLAN TURNERCopyright 2006 Houston Chronicle" (

According to the English professor, Janet Lowery, '"It was fairly graphic," she said of the poem. "He**ual or ho**ual, it was so graphic that it was a concern. And aesthetically, it was somewhat of a problem. The Basilians (who operated the university) leave us alone. But out of respect, we have to set some boundaries."'

So she had the students rip these pages from the publication before the one thousand copies could be ready for distribution.

If only a couple sneaked by with the contraband pages, they could become collectors' items.

The poem, Lusting Chaos, a poem by Jonathan Rea, 21 (not the motorcycle rider), could show up in a University of St. Thomas student's blog.


A couple of things here:

First, I could learn a few words if I looked them up. But I don't think I care to know.

Secondly, teachers have to stay on their toes come rain or shine, sickness or health. Or could this be sensational censorship by big brother (sister)?

A question:

I really can't put this Cow Jumped Over the Moon in perspective. I looked a little with Google but nothing enlightening popped up except one sight there were a lot of pop-ups.

It sticks in my memory that when I was a kid (I really liked that rhyme) there were a lot of pictures. The cow and moon of course were there, but also the fiddleing cat, the fiddle, the dish, and the spoon. Maybe all these six characters were friends who played together?


Health check--blood pressure/heart rate 133/68/58 . . . . 5:15 AM
Day's biggie--walk home with Adi, pretty well finish up work on Sunday school lesson for Sunday, help get house and meal ready for tonight's monthly 42 (domino) game party, entertain friends, and win, win, go Jim, go tonight.


. Back to normalcy?

What it normal?

good luck on the game. Looks like nice weather down there. We've hit a chilly week.
Thats my favourite nursery rhyme. I sing it to my son all the time.

We are hitting the 100s now.

Take care
Here is a link to one interpretation of Hey, Diddle, Diddle:

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