Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A morning with Daughter-in-law

This is Carmen,
Mitch's wife
We went to her Houston Baptist University graduation

She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Mass Media/Speech Communications. That is a mouthful and we are real proud of her.

Where else, but a Christian school graduation would the choir and the congregation be singing Lead On Oh King Eternal? This graduation was held at the First Baptist Church of Houston. A place this large was certainly needed to accomodate all the attendees.

I asked Carmen if she had a job now? The answer was no, not yet. She had been offered a couple of co-anchor jobs in towns to the west and east of Houston. Mitch said she might think about getting an appartment and coming home for her days off. Carmen said not a good idea.
I worked at NASA with a friend whose son had a degree in journalism. He said communications people have to 'pay their dues' most of the time by working in a minor market before getting to a large one like Houston.
After the graduation, Mitch treated us all to lunch at the la Madeleine (link) restaurant on West Gray and Shepherd. Thanks very much, Mitch.

Houston was supposed to have seven Spanish-language TV stations today, but the newest one, KCVH Channel 30, 'missed its debut.' [The Houston Chronicle, Business Section, May 23, 2006]
The fault lies with the FCC, Federal Communications Commission, who didn't get all the paperwork processed by their promised date. Where is Michael Powell when we need him? [Michael is Colon Powell's son who resigned as Chairman of the FCC in March of 2005.]

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Congrats to Carmen and all. Quite the accomplishment there.
Dad, thanks for the "special" edition on Carmen and her graduation. She worked hard and is going to take a well deserved break before she starts in earnest to look for a job.

I did not know there were 7 spanish stations in Houston. I know Carmen reads your blogs, maybe she can target them in her job search.

She is busy now taking care of our 2 beta children.

Thanks again to you and Mrs. Jim for comning to her graduation, she appreciated it.
Carmen said....
Jim, thanks for the "special edition," and for coming to graduation. Mitch, does not know it yet but I have decided that I want to be a housewife and take care of lots of bettas... :)
Do you think he's going to like that???

How are we going to feed all those beta's without a second income?

Sounds like a negative cash-flow proposition to me.
Carmen- Congratulations, that is very exciting and I know you are thrilled at being finished! It was lots of hard work and you definitely deserve the break for now and even being a housewife! That is hard work, you know.... Mitch!
Congratulations!! I think I would take a break if I could before looking for a job.

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