Saturday, May 27, 2006

Our Newest High School Graduate

This is Jenna. Our granddaughter, GC#3. She graduated from her high school last night.

Everything was nice and pretty. Jenna was a Texas Scholar student from her class of 811. That was 11 less than sister Megan's class two years ago. I told Tim that the class was smaller maybe due to population control. He said not in his town.

Shown here is Dad (Tim), Jim, and Mrs. Jim.

After the ceremony, her parents treated us all to dinner at the Olive Garden, Jenna's current favorite restaurant. Thanks guys.

Jenna will be attending the University of Houston (my alma mater) with an undeclared major.



Way to go Jenna! We are proud of you!

Congrats to your Grandaughter. Its so exciting to hear news of children doing well in life. It gives me hope for our the future.

Take care
Everything was so exciting last night! We sure are extremely proud of Jen! Dinner was great and so much fun to visit and catch-up with everyone. Not everyday do the 5 of us get together!!
Congratulations to Jenna!! What a fun night. The Olive Garden.....yummy!!

(I wrote a story about the picture (old post office maybe) on my blog!)
Thanks, Rachel! I will go look. We are in North Louisiana today again.
We spent the night in the D'Arbone park, north of Ruston, La, west of Farmerville.
It was for Mrs. Jim's family reunion.

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