Friday, May 19, 2006

Trivia Question -- Beverly Hillbillies' Truck?

Time is ticking away!!
What was the make _____ and model year _____ of The Beverly Hillbillies' truck? Answer and winners will be announced here next Monday.
Were there two different cars, one for the TV shows, one for the movie? (Billy thinks there were)

1921 Oldsmobile???
I did not want to cheat and look on the internet, but I would guess a 1928 ford "sport" coupe.

I may not know the make and model, but knowing you, I would bet you would have one in your garage if you could find one. Addie and Mrs. Jim could ride on the couch on top.
I agree with Rachel: a 1921 Oldsmobile.
That was a truck?!
Not, a clue.
I don't remember and I won't cheat but when I was a kid I loved that show so very, very much. Sweet memories.
I cheated but I still may have it wrong!!

I think they used a different one in the movie, but don't know what kind.

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