Saturday, June 03, 2006

Adi Can . . .

Adi can smell so well. No, she doesn't always smell good, stinks sometimes for that matter, but she does smell well.

We went on a walk yesterday, Mrs. Jim dropped us off at the proshop on her way to play golf. We took the long way home. These pictures (click on them to enlarge) show how she can smell (well).

Here, Adi looks like a blood hound
smelling along the way.
She is right on the trail.
Remember the day she tracked the deer (link)?


Adi can stop to smell the roses


Adi can sniff out a golf ball for me


Adi can smell not so good some times.

Adi can be very patient while waiting for her bath.


Adi can smell so good after her bath

it makes her frisky.

A frisky, clean beagle likes to play with her

teddy bear.

Adi can help dry herself off

by licking her feet dry.


Adi can smell like strawberries after her bath.

She shampoos first with Suave strawberry scented shampoo.

Then she shampoos with oatmeal doggy shampoo.

Last is her Suave strawberry conditioner.


At our house, when Karen was still here, we had this thing going between us.

We told anyone who even acted like they wanted to hear, that our feet smelled like strawberries.

Well, now her doggy's feet smell like strawberries too.


Mine still do smell like strawberries, just ask Mrs. Jim.

I think Karen's feet still smell like strawberries too, just ask Billy.

Hi Dad- That Adi sure is so smart to be able to smell the roses and a golf ball!

According to Billy, my feet definitely still smell like strawberries!
Adi is one fine lookin' canine. I've always adored beagles.
Awww a very cute post. Love Adi to bits.

Guess what Jim?

You are now on my blog but I am still trying to figure stuff out but at least you are there.

Take care
Oh GEG Jim, now I miss my doggies. We haven't gotten a new doggie since ours are gone. Love these photos. I'm such a dog woman, even more than a "deer woman.!" In fact, I just dropped off artwork at a gallery, including the doggie portrait that is on my blog. (It's currently only a small photo, next to where I made comments.) The gallery owner was happy to see a cute dog portrait, because she said many people wandered into her place who are dog lovers and she hadn't carried dog portraits in a long while.

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