Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Anchorage, Alaska Bad Ass Coffee Company location

These are the entrants to the location contest:

Ralph -- Austin Texas -- never been there -- never heard
Rachel -- Fort Worth -- never heard
Susie -- Ft. Worth
Cliff -- Hawaii
Seeker -- Greeley, Colorado
Rachel -- changed to El Paso
Anonymous (won't count, no name given) -- Maui, Hawaii

If I missed you, please let me know. I really appreciate you're doing this.
A side goal was to inform about something most didn't know or hadn't heard of before. I think that was accomplished a little.

(Drum roll) Seeker is the closest, but nowhere near. Thanks to everyone guessed and entered.

This one is located in Anchorage, Alaska.

[click picture to enlarge]

This picture is courtesy of the Ice Fairy, at her site, Ice.(link) She is from the United Kingdom and was near the Artic (north Alaska); she had received a grant to investigate the impact of climatic change upon a small Artic town.

Fairy was there from September through the first part of this June. Her blog is pretty interesting, you might want to at least look at some of the Artic pictures. Now she is back in England.

Back to Bad Ass. In 2006 there were 59 franchise outlets. They originated in Hawaii, but are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to their Web site (link)
"The Bad Ass Coffee Company of Hawaii™, Inc., headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the premier franchise for an existing and rapidly expanding chain of gourmet coffee stores. We had our start in the beautiful state of Hawaii and we have grown to over 45 stores in home-towns and popular tourist destinations throughout the Hawaiian Islands and North America. We have new locations opening in Japan and other locations world-wide."
Note that gourmet coffee is their leading product.


These pictures are of the Houston store. Note the Hawaiian motive.



Those aren't Hula Girls, but it's a job.



This is the front door, looking from the parking lot.


Blogger just rebelled or I would have had a map showing the loctions of the various stores. So click here to find it on the net.

Did I say Hawaii, I meant to say Anchorage.
That is amazing. I would have never guessed Hawaii based in SLC.
I had trouble with blogger to. I was going to post a few more pictures of Char with that story but they wouldn't take.
Ralph, it seems Blogger for me won't allow pictures to be uplinked to the post after I have written text.
I uplinked the map this morning to a new page, then pasted its HTML into the front of the old page and republished it.
I had to change the name of the picture (here, added a "2" on the end. Yesterday's attempt was already in my Blogger pics, I just don't know where or what to call it.
Sometimes I can find them, all the numbers in the HTML are usually the same for similar time periods. I try by copying the HTML for a picture that worked, then change the last part (it shows two places) and exchange it for the picture name I want.
If that picture got upload ok, then all is fine.
Or try opening a phony post, add the picture want, copy its HTML, and paste into the blog you wish at the appropriate place.
That's what I did with the map on this page, this morning.
But first I had to rename the picture by adding the "2" at the end.
And your blood pressure and heart rate are...?

I guessed Louisiana, not Ft. Worth. For your error, I think I deserve a consolation prize.
Jim I am sorry that I didn't enter. I thought long and hard about it and then promptly forgot. I am soooo sorry. Next time I will pay more attention. For now I will just blame it on the boys. Very distracting young men.

Take care xx
Gee, I was way off!! I guess in Alaska they can really use some Bad Ass Coffee though!!
Susie, I'm sorry. I tried to figure out what went wrong but I couldn't.
Should I have a consolation prize for everyone who guessed a place where there were mountains?
Maybe, yes, for those who live at least 500 miles away or who don't know what mountains are (funtional mountain recognition disability)?

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