Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another first time for Jim -- Fishing legal

My fishing license. I got it.
It was the first one in my life, and at my age!
It was a Senior Texas Fishing License
good for freshwater and salt water.
A one day license for Texas residents costs $21.00.
My Senior License was $21.00 too.
Billy, his Dad, John (Karen's father-in-law)
and I were about to go fishing.
We would put out at Orange, Texas,
go over to Adam's Bayou,
down the Sabine River, and
over to the Intercoastal Canal
The outing was my Fathers Day present
from Billy, Karen, Karen Jr,
and John, who had the boat.
[I had to buy my own license]

This was going to be a good Saturday, I can tell!
Those clouds behind us do look kind'a dark?
Jim caught the first fish,
a little nine-inch croaker.


Daddy, why are we going here?

Under this bridge?

See that rain out there, on the bayou.



One of us didn't get very wet today.

Only one of us caught a fish.

It was my first time fishing since 1963 and the first fish I caught since 1954. Those times I didn't have a license.

Once in Nebraska (on private property) and

once in New Hampshire (the kids did most of the fishing)

We enjoyed the fishing, the rain was alright,

but the lightening said come on in.


Now that I have my license, I can go another day.

Out on the Intercoastal Canal

(it runs from Florida to almost Mexico)

or right here at home on our Lake Conroe.



How about this guy?

He's a Devil not a Man

No, better,

He's a Reptile, not a Fish.

Are you are wondering why no picture of my fish?
It was raining and I didn't want to get the camera wet.
Billy and John said they would witness.
I'm wishing now that I had brought him home to be stuffed.
Instead, I threw him back.
Q: What separates the Cajuns from the rednecks?

A: The Sabine river.

-- a little regional humor. :-)
Good story Jim. Happy Fathers Day!!
Dad- It sure was fun yesterday!! Happy Father's Day!
Happy Fathers Day Jim, it looked like you had a really great day.

Take care xx
Too bad it rained but looks like fun anyway. You were prepared with your yellow slicker! Good thing the bridge was there too.

I'm glad you FINALLY got a license.
Oh goodness, we don't have to worry about alligators up here! My fisherman threw his back. He was so excited because all year he hadn't caught anything and tho small, at least it was something.

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