Friday, June 23, 2006

The Big Divorce -- DanActive vs. The Jim Bunch House

DanActive is Gone, Thank God and Greyhound, She's Gone! [an old Roy Clark song, lyrics for sale, do the Google]

She left silently, in the garbage very late on a Thursday night, and on to the Best Waste bus the next morning. There was no sobbing from the Jim Bunch.

Gone to DanActive Heaven? No, gone to the Big Pile in the Suburbs, including L.casei Defensis and all.

We're glad. She just wasn't happy anymore, and we all know when Moma isn't happy, nobody is.

And she wasn't being productive. She was high maintenance, yuppie like, in our senior residence here; she even had to live in expensive housing (refrig). And I don't like yogurt! So all told there was rejoicing in the household. The new resident lives in my shoebox with all my other meds and vitamins..

Remember back in January (link) when I endorsed her as working. Well, I though it was a he then. That was another trick, Dan is a she! And a bitchy cranky, lazy, hard to work with she at that.

At first I didn't want to go this way, it is an admission of getting old, I can remember when Dad started on METAMUCIL**. We were all praying it would help him and it sure did, once he got regulated.

This Kroger brand (like generic?) is wonderful, five capsules once a day and a big glass of water have a new home here now.

Five new pills added to my meds (13 pills) and vitamins (4) makes 22 pops a day for me.

And now we are happy all the day!

[Please enter the Bad Ass Coffee Co. 'Where Are We Now location' contest which follows--if you don't see it, click here anonymous and friends welcome]

** Kroger brand Fiber Capsules label says "Compare to the Active Ingredient of METAMUCIL Capsules. See back panel."

Well I hope you get real regular soon. LOL

Take care xx
Oh, I am doing just fine. It works fine!
Try a 24 hour bug for best results.

Marilyn stops every Thurs and Fri morn in Blair at her favorite coffee stop,,,'Jidders'.

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