Friday, June 16, 2006

Building Picture Location Info


This building was the former BUNA AUTO PARTS store in Buna, Texas. Cheyenne got the town, right on. Cheyenne, have you been there to recognize it or did you pick it off the store name sign?

Huricane Rita devastated East Texas. More than half the buildings still have not had their roofs repaired though they are patched over with blue plastic tarp material. A lot of the roofs have been repair now, and a few weren't damaged, at least not very much.

Rachel guessed Sour Lake, Texas, which is a little further to the south. We would like to know by what reasoning you came so close.

I just looked for small towns in Texas! Just an accident really!
Never been there...not that Ihaven't wanted to visit Texas. Almost moved to Houston but it fell through.

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