Monday, June 26, 2006

Friends (again) and a couple of nice gift baskets and their stories

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A friend gave Mrs. Jim this nice gift basket. It is what Lynn, our friend who gave it to her, calls a gag basket. Lynn gave it to cheer Mrs. Jim up after some surgery on her cheek bone.

First things first, Mrs. Jim is recovering nicely. Her surgery this last Thursday was outpatient so she came right home. Today (Sunday) she went to church and out to eat at the Long John Silver/A & W Root Beer fast food restaurant. For Mrs. Jim some fish bites and a root beer float in a frosted mug filled the bill.

Now to the cheerful basket. The book is a mystery, Irish Chain, by Earlene Fowler. There isn't one cuss word in it! That book is history at our house now, Mrs. Jim really enjoyed reading it.

Next is a year 2000 Beannie Baby bear named Cashew. Mrs. Jim doesn't have any Beannie Babies, I have a few. If I could find it, there is the mouse (forgot his name) who had been keeping company with my computer mouse at work before I retired. It's in a box someplace.

The tall item is a package of "Handcrafted Magnetic Shaped Notepads." It is similar to a 5 x 8 1/2 legal pad, with refrigerator magnets on the back. On around will be a Mary EngelBreit Pooch & Sweetheart magnet, The Princess of Quite-a-Lot. Missing is a four-pak of Hunt's Snack Packet Smores pudding.
That paisley pencil has a huge smiley face eraser. She needed the pencil, but never such a large eraser, Mrs. Jim makes very few mistakes. Two jars of baby food (the sawbones went through her upper mouth to get to her cheekbone) that don't require much chewing, applesauce and peaches, are in the little jars.

A package of "H" sticky notes and a can of French Vanilla Cafe' complete the gift. That is important because both of these nice ladies are of French descent from Louisiana.

In fact they have common relatives they can trace back to France, on Mrs. Jim's maternal grandmother side. Mrs. Jim and I have visited the paternal side relatives who live in Bordeaux, France, a couple of times. They are very nice people, just like Mrs. Jim.
Other friends were very nice to Mrs Jim (and me) too. We are just finishing the soup and chess pie they brought, soft food, you know. We enjoyed their visits and food. One friend brought Mrs. Jim a pretty princess tiara. Mrs. Jim wears it around here now.

The other basket:
This basket was a welcome gift from the Domaine de Valmouraine, Hotel de Charme, at St. Remy, Provence, France. I say a welcome gift, that was what their advertisement said, instead it was given to us on our last day there as a parting gift.

The very much appreciated basket contained a nice container of olive oil, a bottle of Provence area wine, a jar of honey, some Melange Aromatique to use in our linnen drawer, and some room freshening locally grown potpourri. The theme of this basket was local Provence area goodies.

Both baskets themselves were very nice. Their motive was suited exactly with the purpose and contents of each basket, i.e. keepers.

This was one of the many signs steering us to our hotel. For the longest they would read at the bottom, "(arrow) 5 KM." Do you think there would be some showing lesser distances? No, they all said 5 KM until we started seeing these.

From the first one at the turnoff of the road out of St. Remy it was about 3/4 kilometer, though there were several more signs like this one. It must have been cheaper to only have two kinds painted.
Our hotel was excellent, it was the "jail" I had talked about (in a previous post) being sent to, before we went to Europe this spring.

Hi Jim,It was great serving with you at the Salvation Army. I am glad I saw you, Mrs. Jim and your mother in law yesterday at Long John Silvers, we sure are gourmet diners!I have enjoyed reading your blogs and like your photos, my favorites are the ones of Adi! You are blessed with a large and lovely family, best of wishes to you all. Tell your wife I hope her recovery goes well and she will soon be back to playing her fiddle!Keep up the wit and humor. Peace, Pattie Garcia
Thank you, Pattie, for your visit here and the nice comment.
Long John Silvers was really crowded yesterday, wasn't it?
We sure have a nice group working with the Salvation Army noon lunch.
I'm glad I got to know you. It took a minute yesterday, sorry, to match us to the S.A. feeding.
Please come back and read more. Like I mentioned, I'm not always nice. I don't want people to be able to know me real good, just that I'm unpredictable in what I write.
A very nice post Jim and I am rather impressed by the kettle in your photo. I am hoping you make a good cup of tea.

The gifts look fab.... I hope Mrs Jim is feeling much better now.

Take care
I really enjoyed reading this post. Not that I don't like your others, but this one kind of made me feel very peaceful.
Tell Mrs. Jim that I wish her a speedy recovery.
And your blood pressure and heart rate are...?
awwe, love the idea of the gift baskets!

glad to hear that mrs. jim is healing well. and we better hear that you are treating her like a precious queen! (smile)

Mrs. Jim is doing nicely now. She played bridge all afternoon with her buds.
Her nephew and family are here today too, and tomorrow. He is a career Air Force medic, a Master Sargeant now.
Mrs. Jim is always a princess around here (if not a queen), and in most places.
She thanks you all for the wishes.
Oh yes, comment moderation. I had a little trouble so will let the heat die down before I change.
Closest to the Bad Ass Coffee shop deal is coming. This one is in Anchorage, Alaska.

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