Thursday, June 29, 2006

July 4 Conroe Symphony Orchestra Concert of Conroe, Texas, on June 27 this year

You are seeing a picture of our house guests this Monday and Tuesday. This picture was taken Tuesday night before going to the concert.

Mrs. Jim's nephew, Phil is a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. He is a medic and has had his share of the worlds troubles. Bosnia and Desert Storm required him to be in those far away places. I have heard of his story about the SCUD missiles landing very near to his pad. Scary just listening, but to actually be there?

Beside him is his wife Lisa (married 17 years now), then their two children, Gabby and Marty. You just saw the kids, Gabby with Adi, then both of them with me and Adi in the golf cart.


This is most of the Conroe Symphony Orchestra. Missing is the piano at the right and the flags in from of the stage. Our guest conductor for this night was Dr. Don Hutson. You may have seen him conducting the Oklahoma Symphony or at the Aspen Music Festival.

When the 80 voice choir came out, he was replaced by Tom Tillman, Choir Director for the First Baptist Church of Conroe, Texas. Every other Sunday he also directs the orchestra when the choir is singing. When the orchestra is playing their production pieces, they have a regular orchestra director.

Below is the program. Click on it to enlarge it a bit, it is rather small to read.



Since the program is hard to read here, this is the rundown:

The following were performed with the choir:

Now, without the choir:


Here are Phil and Lisa standing when the orchestra is playing the Air Force song during the Salute to the Armed Forces. Lisa was in the Air Force when they were married. She has seven years of service, also as a medic. [Guys, please don't be too upset with me, I know there is a technical term. For me, they have always been medics.]

I stood with my fellow Army guys. Most of us were pretty old, the majority older than me.

Phil is in uniform because all service personnel in uniform and their families got in free. That was a savings of $75, when we include Mema, who came in with them.

Mrs. Jim and I also got in 'free.' This night we were ushering, but we have season tickets that really weren't free. We are members of the Conroe Symphony League which supports the Orchestra through fundraising, service, and educational projects. This orchestra has been consistently ranked as the best volunteer orchestra in Texas.

Our visitors left Wednesday morning to spend time with Phil's mother, Mrs. Jim's sister. We are missing them, I know they will all have a nice time visiting Mom. Mrs. Jim's other nieces and nephews and greats will all be there too for a nice reunion.


What a nice post. I wish you were there too.

I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon but I will try and post while I am away. I will have withdrawel symptoms if I don't.

Take care
GOSH you're busy!
Sounds very nice indeed Jim!!
I cannot imagine being close to where a SCUD missile landed either. To close for comfort!!
All Rush L. comments formerly here have been moved to the June 27 article about him.
Jim I will be back before one Brilliant month... LOL

Don't take my link away.... please!!!!

Take care and I will be full of stories when I get back. xx

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