Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Limbaugh Detained, soon to be a three time loser?

Limbaugh Detained in Viagra Seizure in Florida - New York Times

"Rush Limbaugh caught smuggling in Viagra by Customs Office personnel" brought the house down last night. Dave Letterman didn't need a punch line, just saying something about like that brought down the house with laughter.

Read all about it! All of us would be in deep trouble. Is Rush is headed towards the 'three time loser' status where they just throw away the key. Even for theft of a candy bar if that is the third crime.

"Customs Bureau officials found Viagra apparently prescribed with another name in his bag." His lawyer will argue it wasn't breaking any laws, so let him go.

I want a lawyer who can prove I'm not breaking any laws for me like that next time I am caught smuggling in contraband stuff.

Yeah we can't even get OXO's into the country. I need a lawyer for that.

Take care and yes I am up late because I can't sleep and Scragend is snoring....!!! What is a girl to do?
Mrs. Jim wakes me up.
If that isn't good for you, do you still have your cold weather ear muffs?
We have some ear plugs left over from the Blue Men concert.
And your blood pressure and heart rate are...?

You have a thing for news editorials. For your second career, I vote journalism.
I just want someone to REALLY detail Rush Limbaugh. How can someone continue to speak such passionate baloney for so long and win over so many people he has no respect for?

Blows my mind!

Ok, Jim! This is Amy from Nebraska. Thanks for visiting and wishing my kids good luck in Nashville. I am hoping it is your PBL experience AND wishing them well statement that will propel them to good things!

Come by and visit us in Nebraska soon! Amy
Some comments transfered from another inapropriate page:

At Thu Jun 29, 01:28:04 PM CDT, Mitch said...
Dad, you deleted my Rush Limbaugh thoughts?


No response to if you disagreed with.... just deleted?

There was nothing in there "offensive" or obtrusive, not even close.


At Thu Jun 29, 02:24:16 PM CDT, Jim said...
I'm sorry Mitch, the last comment I could find was June 21 about my proposal for a new shoppers Mall Tax.
I did a search of my post e-mail archives too, it came up the same. You have commented 44 times. Thanks a lot.
Blogger sometimes acts up, not right. I am having to repeat typing of this response because it went into never-never land a minute ago.

At Thu Jun 29, 02:50:31 PM CDT, Mitch said...

Thanks for the reply back. I should have know that you are a little more open-minded liberal than most. My apologies.

What I tried to post, was that Limbaugh's perscription was in his doctor's name (to protect him from the "circus" that would ensue if/when the public/media were to find his name on Viagra). I have read that this is legal and standard protocol for doctors/patients in "sensative" situations like this. Also, I have read that police call the doctor when coming accross things like this, and then drop it when the doctor says "all is fine and was done/sanctioned by me". Maybe you can ask your doctor about this the next time you see him.

My point? I will wait until I hear all the facts on this before I give Rush a hard time. I would hope others do to.

I hope Mrs. Jim is back to full speed now.

At Thu Jun 29, 03:06:06 PM CDT, Jim said...
Yes, Mitch, that's what the article said. Later other articles were telling where he had been, to the Dominican Republic.
That place is famous for availability of victimized (I won't say the words).
Per the

"Limbaugh, 55, arrived on a private plane from the Dominican Republic about 2 p.m. and walked into a private terminal at Signature Flight Support. A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer checked his luggage and found the bottle containing 29 blue Viagra tablets, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

The label listed the names of two doctors; Limbaugh told officials they were his personal physicians in Florida. Limbaugh's name was nowhere on the bottle, sheriff's office spokesman Paul Miller said

Of course he would need his medicine.
Like I said, the next time I get in trouble with immigration, I hope you can get me a very good lawyer.
All this isn't very serious with me. I don't listen to him so I'm not heart broken.
What is more serious, if he were here on just papers and not a U.S. citizen, the Patriot Act would have him 'out of here, no questions asked.'

At Thu Jun 29, 03:08:34 PM CDT, Jim said...
Oh yes, all of this discussion will very like go away soon.
To Blogger oblivion.

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