Friday, June 09, 2006

Name This Photo Contest

Ok, a task and a question:
A. Caption: Choose a caption for this picture.
B. Location: Where was it taken?
Contest Rules:
  1. Leave your answers in a comment.
  2. You may enter several times; your last answer in each category counts.
  3. Contest entries must be submitted by 12:00 AM, Tuesday morning, June 20 (my clock, not necessarily the posted date of your comment).
  4. Your spouse or special friend may enter even if she/he does not have a Blogger account of their own. He/she can use your Blogger account and note that he/she is your better/other half. Or get an account, it only takes a minute. Or enter anonymous.
  5. If you enter anonymous, please tell who you are, i.e. name, so you can have recognition if you win.
  6. Judging on the caption category will take place from Tuesday through midnight Thursday. I will provide a ballot for you to vote on. A special e-mail address will be provided for e-mailing your vote. No one may vote for their own or their spouse/special friend's caption.
  7. I may have a voting machine up and running for a fun vote.
  8. I will take care of the location answers.
  9. These rules are subject to change.
  10. There will be not prize for the best location answer, just recognition.
  11. In case of a tie, duplicate prizes will be awarded.


Special mention will be awarded for your optional short tale. It could be a guess as to how this place got this way, or what has happened here, etc.



Blood pressure/heart rate . . . 113/59/65 at 12:31 AM Friday, June 9,2006

ToDo: May not walk with Adi, have to go to town; there I will stop at the church for a teacher book, go to the Salvation Army to help serve a noon meal (approximately 130 homeless or unfortunate in the Conroe, Texas area), go to WalMart and the bank, come home and work on SS lesson to teach this Sunday.

Some trivia: Go to Web Crawler [search engine](link) and search the Web on Horatio sanz i'm carol mpg; JIM'S LITTLE BLOG will show up as the eighth find of 33.

"New Blogger Headquarters ~ no viruses detected"!
Britmum wins the FIRST ENTRY AWARD. Of course with Scragend out of town she has trouble sleeping; she is getting her days and nights mixed up.

No one may guess exactly where the photo was taken, some might get pretty close.

Hint: It isn't Camilla, Texas.
Oh my gosh JIm I don't know where anywhere is. I will have a think about it today. I actually posted at midnight here. I am dreadful. I can't sleep when SE is away. I am so tired and I think that I will be sleeping all weekend. As for the caption I am going to be re-thinking all day and when I see SE today I am going to get him to have a look.

We have never been to Texas (well only Houston to change flights).

Take care xx
Caption: Be it ever so humble
Location: Could Be Anywhere, USA (only because of the coke machine which no doubt has been converted to adult beverages).
Prehistoric convenience store.
Conroe, TX

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