Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oh, the agony of de feet -- Should I enter

Chron.com Oh, the agony of de feet

Ken Hoffman is my favorite columnist in our Houston Chronicle. I even followed him when he was in our old Houston Post.

Anyway, today's column is a winner in my book. He complained that while most newspaper columnists get to judge beauty contests, he is getting this year just the opposite.

He will be judging for the Houston Masters Sports Association running club (these are old guys, I could join if I were still running).

He will judge their Ugly Foot Contest, held in Houston's Memorial park on July 9. At nine the association will have a pancake breakfast and Ken is to judge all the jogger's and skater's feet while they are in the buffet line.

Maybe they will put on flip-flops like mine. Ken says he is supposed to be on the lookout for "the ugliest toes, crookedest toes, most appalling missing toenails and most painful-looking blisters and bruises."
They could be winners, the right one is a 'beauty.'


His--Ken Hoffman's--trivia question for the day asks us to name the lady who said "I've fallen and I can't get up." Remember that one?

Other goodies are there today too. Like the Cattlemen's Barbecue Sauce contest for the worst BBQ'er. Read about it, the link is www.cattlemensbbqsauce.com.

I have put Hoffman's old article (link) (new, link 2) about the rat in his grill in my side bar way back in February.

Do a www.chron.com search on Ken Hoffman to get ALL of his oldies.

More to come later, I apologize, I did some other things before posting this morning.

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