Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Post tramatic 666 day reprocussions! Don't get tattooed on 6-6-06!

.Doesn't Jim look pretty in his new tattoo,
just above his collar.
.He got it yesterday on 6-6-06.
.Look closely, click on it enlarge it.
It is a heart right on his neck,
an arrow pierces it from left to right,
and inside the heart is named 999.
That was a nasty trick that tatto artist played.
What a beast!
Flip the picture to see how it reads upside down.

You guessed it, 666.

I hope nobody catches on.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You may have heard of this idea before. I first heard about it on the Regis and Kelly show (ABC). Kelly Ripa has 999 tattoed on the back of her neck. When she bends forward enough for people to see the tattoo, it becomes 666.
I Googled Kelly Ripa tattoo, didn't get a picture. (link) There could be one there someplace of the one on her ankle.

I don't know what Kelly's design is. I just made mine a heart, when I get my tattoo it will probably have a heart with some words in or below. The tattoo comes right after the Willie Nelson pony tail.
A lot of guys get a snake, but I'll keep the snake (Cobra) for cars.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Blood pressure/heart rate . . . . . 126/66/73 [6-6-06]
Adi: was very sick Monday, better Tuesday, now? [she might have gotten something bad to eat on her big day at the 'Reunion 2006']
ToDo: Blog; work on SS lesson for teaching 6-11-06; clean area more.


Well, now we ALL know!
You are sooooooooooo funny!!! Like it I bloody love it...!!

Please give Adi a hug from me. Poor girl. I hope she is feeling better.
*lol* funny!
Thanks for visiting my blog btw (I saw your comment @ Useless Men). Oh... and there's nothing goin on up here in Canada *lol*
Now you have went and done it!!

I am shocked Jim, truly shocked.
At least everything's working right today....
Dad, that is too funny!!! Good one! Sorry to hear Adi was sick, she better be getting her energy up for Karen Jr.!!!

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