Thursday, June 22, 2006

Priceless Art vs. Art For a Price

[click on any picture to enlarge].
This plate is my Fathers Day present from GC#4, aka Karen Jr.
It is hand painted by her.
See note below for more details.
And that is her smiling face to your left.
You can see why this artwork is priceless.

This one is trying to be sold for 20,000 Euros

(that is equivalent to $25,330.98).

I wouldn't pay that much but someone will come close.


You can brag about your Fathers Day present or how much it cost, mine can't be bought. And it never was, except for the blank plate she painted on.

So as far as I'm concerned there is no comparison with my present anywhere in the world. Karen Jr. made it, very special, for me. I hope you appreciate this! [Thank you again, Karen Jr!]


1. Karen Jr. was seen painting this on this in my May 20, 2006, post.

I didn't know it was for me then.

2. A brief description of the abstract (Claude M, eat your heart out): in the center is Adi's dog house; Adi is laying inside; she has two fire hydrants, one on each side of her house (see yesterday's post for Adi's own real fire hydrant out in front of our house); her doggie dish is to your left; and there are two abstract doggie bones in the front.

3. Karen Jr's. picture is normally in our bookcase, but I wanted to show the artist. She has boldly signed and dated the back side, in paint, before the firing.

And this plate sits sitting beside the bell I made for you in second grade?
You are a lucky Grandad....

Have a good day Jim.

Take care xx
Yes, it is priceless indeed!!

She did a good job.
such a cute picture the one and only artist of the one and only plate speaking
This is cousin, Sue Hofford. I am sitting at my house with Evertt & Sandra (president) and Billy & Pat Dial.
We just wanted to say hi. Hi.
Your president, Sandra, approves.....
Sandra is the president of my Jim's Little Blog Fan Club.
Thanks, guys.

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