Monday, June 19, 2006

The rest of the Jim Bunch eating pictures

Blogger wouldn't post these two pictures but I hacked them into here as I knew they had been uplinked.

From left to right, Mrs. Jim, daughter Karen, granddaughter Karen. Jr, son-in-law Billy was to the right, getting their camera ready (I thought he was in the picture but I missed him), grandson Timothy, his steady friend Tia (in hiding, see picture below), daughter-in-law Sharon, son Mike, son-in-law Anthony, daughter Susie, son Mitch (daughter-in-law Carmen was out of the picture this time), and granddaughter Jenna.


Here are grandson, Timothy, and his steady special friend, Tia. As you can see I talked her out of hiding.

The picture today is the one I could get Blogger to upload this morning. It is the less populated end of the table, we had all seventeen who were in town at Niko Nikos Greek restaurant (link) in Houston. [I'm sure the street in front is full of water this morning, I hope it doesn't get into the restaurant.]

Thanks guys, for the presents and cards.

Pictured above are daughter-in-law Carmen, granddaughter Jenna and her steady friend Justin, son Tim, Mema, and Mrs. Jim.

[This end of the table picture was first on another blog, for that click on this link.]

Wow, that is a lot of rain! Great pictures of the family and it looks like they are all enjoying!!

I have never eaten at a Greek restaurant before.
Hadn‘t heard about the rain down there. Guess we didn‘t watch the news last night or today so far. Sioux City had 3 inches Friday night & they had street flooding with that much.
Nice pictures of your Mother‘s/Father‘s Day family outing.
What a great time and lovely family Jim. We would take 4 or 5 of those inches of yours. We are dry here down about oh 15 feet.
Glad to see you had a nice Fathers Day.
In case you don't read my answer over at my blog, I copied your instructions and will keep them handy in case I need them. I was able to get the photos to upload around 6pm.

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