Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Robot, just clean the floor - Sunday Times - Times Online

A rush to stay ahead of the robots;

develop a “code of ethics” for these machines.

Should we worry?

Well, do what you want to do. Al Gore can make us worry, but will we do anything?

For me and my house, we will take definite charge of our robots (we only have five right now)!

. . . robot, just clean the floor - Sunday Times - Times Online

This article makes these suggestions:

Keeping control

New robo-ethics recommendations:

  • Safety -- Ensure human control of robot
  • Security -- Prevent wrong or illegal use
  • Privacy -- Protect data held by robot
  • Traceability -- Record robot’s activity
  • Identifiability -- Give unique ID to each robot

Isaac Asimov’s laws of robotics (Asimov's home page):

  • Robot may not injure human or, through inaction, allow human to come to harm
  • Robot must obey human orders, unless they conflict with first law
  • Robot must protect itself if this does not conflict with other laws

Mrs. Jim is a little more permissive, buy I think we have a good handle on this matter for now with our robots.

How about you and your robot(s)?


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